Here are comments from just a few of our may "Happy Campers" :

Cove Camp is my favorite place to be.  The people and the camp itself are amazing.  I have had the privilege to have been a camper for eleven years, as well as a counselor for first and second graders.  The friendships I've made and experiences I've had at Cove will last a lifetime.
As an upcoming seventh grader and attending Cove Camp, I needed some guidance.  I was about to enter middle school and wanted my faith to remain solid. David Bruce (who has made a great impact on my life through the camp) was directing that year, and on the last night of camp did a decision night.  This was an incredible experience.  We all had candles and, although most of us were already committed to Christ and had already been baptized, we recommitted ourselves.  I remember sitting in the chapel in the dark and I felt completely surrounded by God.
A benefit I have gotten from Cove Christian Camp is the friendships I've made. Cove Camp is such a different and amazing atmosphere, people really care about you and what's going on in your life.  I'm 20 now and am no longer a camper, but I still keep in very close contact with some of the people I went to camp with.  These people have made huge differences in my life and I know that they will always be a part of my life.
Allie Trotter - 11 Year Camper 3/11/11
More coming soon!